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The Industry's Best Catalog

Nexpart eCatalog is the most comprehensive and cost effective electronic Catalog of Automotive Part Applications and Service Dealer data available. It contains nearly 500 million applications for replacement, accessories and performance parts. Product information from thousands of aftermarket parts manufacturers and the most complete source of integrated Service Dealer data anywhere. Nexpart eCatalog is the number one independent solution in the market and is used by over 100,000 parts buyers to get the parts they need.

Freshest Data
WHI updates data faster than any other ecat vendor in the industry. Having the latest model coverage, supercessions, obsoletes and error corrections are critical to closing more sales and preventing returns.

Comprehensive Data Set
This industry leading catalog is used by the top wholesalers and retailers because of it's complete coverage, the most comprehensive product imaging available and VIN lookup. Also available is Repair information such as Labor, TPMS, TSB’s, Wiring Diagrams and more. Our use of the AAIA's Industry standards, strong partnerships with aftermarket manufacturers and superior application of technology make the WHI's Electronic Catalog the fastest growing and most accurate catalog in the Automotive Aftermarket.

Most Cost Effective
Nexpart eCatalog is, hands down, the best value. Not only does our superior technology allow us to provide faster updates, it helps reduce the cost of production and we pass that savings on to you. Nexpart eCatalog is designed to improve sales and reduce operational costs.

Get what you need. Custom line configurations, High Gross Margin selection & kitting are just some of the powerful configurable tools available to you to drive sales and profits.

Best Support in the Industry
Biggest isn’t always best when it comes to support. WHI consistently beats the competition with better support.


  • Nexpart eCatalog is available as a stand alone application, on the web, as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Runs on a multitude of operating systems and databases.
  • Open Technology Compliant with AAIA Industry Standards.
  • Software Developer Kits are available to seamlessly integrate to your business system.

Purchase on line with a credit card:

Nexpart eCatalog On Line is the most powerful way to look up Automotive Aftermarket parts. A completely web-based solution with NO software to install, simply login from any Internet browser and start looking up parts. The industry's most up-to-date data combined with an easy-to-use interface; Nexpart eCatalog is more powerful and easier to use than anything else available.

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"We used to use Triad's Catalog. But we've since changed to the new WHI Catalog with Part Interchange. We're far more satisfied with the WHI service than we were with Triad. It is better data and a better deal."
-Breckenridge Auto Supply

"Nexpart eCatalog is an overwhelming success."

"Nexpart eCatalog is a great tool for us to determine the most-recent, vehicle-specific applications. Nexpart eCatalog's lightning fast data updates gives us the advantage of being first-to-market with the newest products."
-Edwin Robinson, President,

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